About Me

Every couple has its own unique style. So why should everyone have the same wedding photos? I prefer to document rather than stage the event, the situation, the couple. To give the authentic feel to your most authentic and true moments in life. You deserve the best from a professional.

I majored with honors the photography department at Wizo Haifa Art Academy. As a part of my vocation, love, and artistic field, I am also a teacher at High School of the Arts in Haifa since 2010. I aim to do it differently, with a unique touch, to capture the perfect ambiance, the magic of a moment frozen in time forever.

After the event has ended, the picture will keep on existing providing the event a kind of immortality it would never otherwise have enjoyed. The photographer stays behind his camera, creating a tiny element of another world the image-world , that will outlive us all.

Susan Sontag
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